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From ambitious startups to businesses looking to scale, we help our clients get robust products with impeccable functionality and sleek design. By adopting the Think Big, Start Small approach, we successfully built, enhanced, and scaled dozens of products from start to finish. Here are some of our recent projects.

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Turning a Buggy MVP into an ISO-Compliant Enterprise-Ready Business Management System for Strategic Alliances
Our client, a professor of Strategy and Innovation, decided to build an alliance management platform to facilitate the sharing of vast amounts of data among enterprises. His previous team failed the project, so he turned to Uplab for help. After identifying existing issues, we split a monolith architecture into 60+ domain-based modules and performed refactoring and gradual application reengineering. To protect sensitive data, we leveraged leading security practices and obtained ISO 27001 certification, delivering an improved alliance management application with advanced dashboards, custom reports, and document management.
  • Gradually replaced outdated Meteor with GraphQL, React, and Node.js
  • Reduced the regression bugs from 20% to less than 1%
  • Established automated end-to-end testing processes
  • Scaled the project team from two to 10 software developers
  • Obtained ISO 27001 certification
Refactoring, Re-engineering, Web app development
GraphQL, React, and Node.js
Building a Budget Planner for Construction Projects and Scaling It to a Customized White-Label Banking Solution
Uplab partnered with an Austrian startup to develop a mobile app MVP for a construction cost calculator, empowering users to budget and secure bank financing. When our client introduced the product, a big Austrian bank showed interest, leading us to adapt it into a white-label budget planner. Later, we expanded the product's capabilities into a user-friendly web platform for precise cost estimation and bank financing offers.
  • Built an initial MVP of a cross-platform mobile app using Meteor
  • Upgraded the technology stack to develop a white-label web application for a bank
  • Switched from Heroku to AWS to easily scale the web app
  • Turned the cross-platform mobile app into a high-performing web solution
Full-stack web development, Mobile development
Node.js, React, AWS
Transforming Medical Documentation Workflows with an AI-powered Speech-to-Text App
Together with HRZN tech, Uplab developed a cross-platform mobile app, designed to record and transcribe doctor-patient conversations for easy integration into medical systems. Starting with a proof of concept, we expanded it into a minimum viable product, ensuring HIPAA compliance, incorporating AI features, and implementing the multi-tenant architecture. The result: a successful speech recognition app for the healthcare industry.
  • Built a PoC to assess the feasibility of an intelligent speech recognition application
  • Designed a multi-tenant software architecture to ensure proper isolation of data
  • Implemented security policies to comply with HIPAA regulations
  • Developed an AI-powered speech transcription app
Mobile development
React Native, Node.js
Developing a Custom Tour Booking Tool to Streamline Travel Agency's Processes and Scaling It to a White-Label Product
We created a custom app for an Austrian touring company. The app streamlines tour booking and customer communication and integrates with a business-critical third-party system. Once the app was launched, we expanded it into a white-label solution, to benefit other travel businesses seeking operational efficiency and generate a new revenue stream for our client.
  • Created a web app to streamline the tour booking process
  • Integrated the solution with a third-party booking software, surpassing the limitations of its API
  • Built an email generator that fully automated communication with Shades Tours' clients
  • Scaled the app to a white-label solution to attract other travel businesses
Web development
Node.js, TypeScript, Apollo Server GraphQL, JWT, MongoDB
Rebuilding a Cross-Platform Mobile App for Nightlife Statistics Within One Month
Our client, HRZN tech, wanted to develop a mobile app that would allow people to get live updates on wait times and crowd capacity at bars and nightclubs. Their previous development team failed to deliver a market-ready solution on time, and they turned to Uplab for help. After checking the existing solution, we proposed starting over and offered to create a new one within the same budget originally allocated for finishing the flawed product. The client approved our plan, and within a month, we delivered a fresh solution for real-time nightlife statistics that met their expectations.
  • Performed a tech audit of the faulty mobile app built with Flutter
  • Rebuilt the app from scratch using React Native and Node.js in just one month
  • Integrated the app with foot traffic data API to get live updates on venues
  • Fit in budget limitations, replacing a buggy solution with a brand-new app
Mobile development
React Native, Node.js
Developing a Custom Home Maintenance Solution in 4 Months and Achieving 6x Client Growth
In collaboration with HRZN tech, our long-term partner, we built a custom solution for a home maintenance company from scratch in just 4 months. The app creates custom schedules of all house-related tasks and sends notifications when something needs to be fixed, allowing users to delegate tasks to home assistants in one click. To centralize all created tasks and client information, we also built a custom web portal and connected it with the mobile app, streamlining the back-office operations of a home maintenance company.
  • Built a mobile app to allow homeowners to keep a record of all their home inventory
  • Implemented an algorithm for creating personalized home maintenance plans
  • Developed a centralized web portal for handling all back-office operations
  • Delivered the custom solution built from scratch in just 4 months
Mobile development, Full-stack web development
React Native, Node.js
Reengineering an Online Store to Achieve a 38% Performance Boost and Zero Business Disruption
A growing e-commerce shop reached out to us to support and scale their existing website. The previous website relied on a costly and outdated WooCommerce platform that couldn't be customized to meet the client's needs. Our task was to seamlessly migrate the e-commerce store to a new modern platform that would handle peak workload and enable further scaling. We successfully reengineered the store, breaking down the monolithic website into separate systems for better flexibility and replacing an old platform with a modern customizable alternative.
  • Seamlessly moved an e-commerce website to a modern platform
  • Increased key website performance metrics while keeping the same maintenance costs
  • Broke down a monolith into separate systems for cost-effective scalability
  • Allowed full customization of the interface and built custom plugins for third-party integrations
Full-stack web development
React, Vendure
Building a Custom Cross-Platform Web-to-Print Design Editor for a British Printing Company to Streamline Design of Mock-ups
A British printing company turned to us to replace their outdated web editor with a modern solution that would work on multiple platforms and allow users to design their own mockups for custom-printed products. After experimenting with different options, we found the best tech stack that entirely fit client requirements and built a dynamic and scalable cross-platform web editor. The new editor lets users create various designs on the fly with 5 different modes all while separating our client from competitors.
  • Delivered a flexible web editor to visualize custom printing products
  • Built a PoC to choose the optimal tech stack
  • Implemented support for all devices and browsers
  • Allowed the creation of ready-made design templates
PoC development, MVP development
React, SVG
Building an ML-powered App for Paper Form Processing to Digitize Text Documents in One Photo Shot
Uplab built a mobile app that allows people to transform paper forms into digitized text in several seconds. Using optical mark recognition algorithms and machine learning, our tool helps people easily extract information from paper forms, automatically converting text from pictures into a digital format.
  • Implemented the capability to recognize text in low-resolution images and convert it into an accessible electronic format
  • Allowed instant form box recognition
  • Enhanced functionality with custom features
Mobile development
Node.js, React, AWS, OpenCV
Delivering an Advanced Cookery App for Users to Hold Their Favorite Recipes in One Place and Simplify Shopping
Uplab built a mobile app that allows people to create their own cookery book, easily adding recipes from any source. With a one-touch automatic import from the most popular recipe websites, users can effortlessly save them for later use.
  • Built a user-centered app from scratch to enhance the cooking experience
  • Allowed import of recipes from popular websites to save them for future use
  • Made the app available for both web and mobile
Full-stack web development
Meteor, Blaze, MongoDB, Cordova
Developing a User-Centered Social Media App for Dog Owners
Uplab built an app for iOS and Android for dog owners. It allows them to connect, meet, and communicate with each other, find companions for their pets, share their passion, and always keep in touch.
  • Built an Instagram-like social app
  • Implemented chat rooms for pet owners
  • Added notifications about upcoming meetings
  • Allowed highlighting dangerous places for dog walking on Dogify’s map and sharing warnings about them
  • Added an alarm button in case the pet is missing
Social Media
Mobile development, Full-stack web development
React Native, Redux, Meteor

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