Your advanced cookery book. The application holds user's favourite recipes in one place and simplifies the process of shopping. Well-structured and written step by step recipes make cooking faster and easier with one-touch automatic import from the most popular recipe websites.


Pestle is a customer-friendly application. Most options works with a touch of one button. As well, the user has a choice to tape the text himself or copy the link from the internet and allow the app to generate a recipe for him. Create, develop, improve your perfect meal. Bon appetite!


Pestle allows you to:

  • Import recipes from popular websites and save them for future use
  • Record your granny’s recipe to always be able to cook your favourite meal from childhood
  • Access your recipes from anywhere - Pestle is available both for web and native mobile

Core Technologies

  • Blaze
  • Cordova
  • Meteor
  • SASS
  • MongoDB