Dogify is an IOS/Android solution for dog owners. This application helps people with common interests meet and communicate with each other, find a company for their pet, share their passion and always keep in touch.



  • ability to create both user’s and pet’s profiles, add photos, share, like and comment them.
  • chat rooms for pet owners to communicate or meet
  • notifications about meetings in a particular town/city
  • organisation of events
  • warnings of dangerous places to walk the dog in the city and ability to tag them on Dogify’s map
  • alarm button in case the pet is missing (it notifies all users within a 2-km radius about the trouble)
  • ad placement

Core technologies

  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Meteor

Main Integrations

  • Google Maps API
  • Facebook Social Login API
  • Google Sign In
  • OneSignal